Trend Forecasting for 2015 Fall Makeup

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Hi, I’m Jules! I’m a wife, mom, beauty coach and I even get to do Paula Deen’s makeup. I share my makeup techniques and products with the world and now all of you fabulous Paprika Southern readers. Life is a balancing act and I know the hectic pace of modern living. My role is to make makeup easier and fun, so let’s get started on how you’re going be on-trend this fall in just a few steps.

As summer leaves, the time is coming to pack up my big sun hat and think past the flip flops. Even though I’m excited for the darker fall tones, I want to hang on to some of the things I loved about summertime makeup and it seems that the fashion world feels the same way. Along with the deep red lips and smokey eyes, you’ll also see gold shimmery and even glittery (!) eyes. There will be flush cheeks, glossy lips and even eyelids too. The no-makeup trend has run its course and effortless beauty is back this fall! I’ve designed this look to help you transition into an easy, effortless look.


JMTM Products: Sunbeam Evershadow + Dark Chocolate Evershadow

Pro Process: Add shadow all over the lid with a medium fluffy brush and blend upwards. Next add your eyeliner with an angled brush. Use a cotton swab to blend the liner, add moisturizer to the swab and blend again for more slept-in look.

Gold shadows and shimmer are the go to neutral this fall. You can even add gold glitter as liner for another way to add a metallic pop to your makeup without doing too much.

Smudged chocolate liner is the new black. Envision eye liner that could be left over from last night. A residue sorta feel was seen on the runway in a couple of shows either paired with glossy lids or a wash of gold shadow. On the opposite side of the spectrum, a strong cat eye is also really hot. And as if that’s not hard enough, the DOUBLE cat eye is also big right now. Have you ever said the saying, “Don’t ever ask a woman wearing a cat eye why she’s late.”?! Not sure about eyeliner? Skip this step and let’s move on to cheeks.


JMTM ProductsTang Molten Lip Color

Pro Process: Dab a little on your blush brush and blend onto your cheeks right above your cheekbone. Use blush before your foundation for a softer finish.

Put down the contouring powders and reach for blush that looks like a natural flush color. Go for soft orange and pink tones that are close to what you’d look like if you were out in the sun just a little too long. A touch of orange can go a long way, don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone.


JMTM Products: Lip Color in Ruby Noir + Lip Gloss in Fresh

Pro Process: Add an even, yet light color the darker color first. Top with a coat of sheer gloss.

Deep vampy red lips are always a staple for the fall but this year gloss is back. But not your typical gloss–non-sticky with subtle shine is the way to go. Adding gloss on top of your favorite red is an easy to way to get a new shade that is easy to wear.

Thanks for reading! Check back next month for another beauty column from Jules. 

Words by Jules de Jesus Fritz for Jules More Than Makeup

Process shots by Siobhan Egan

Product shot by Josh Fritz

Model: Abbie Hastings

Special thanks to Broughton Exchange, Savannah, GA


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