Strobe Like a Pro

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Say goodbye to contouring and hello to strobing! YaY! But some of you are probably saying, “Wait.. what the heck is strobing?” No worries friends, you know I have all of your makeup questions covered. Allow me to break down this bright new trend.

Strobing is highlighting the high points of your face instead of contouring. My style of makeup has always leaned more towards strobing since I like a natural glow. I teach a technique of adding shimmer down the bridge of your nose to bring it up verses contouring the sides and changing the shape. Remember when Baby from Dirty Dancing got a nose job in real life and no one wanted to hire her because she changed her face too much? Contouring is that serious. You could go with the wrong tone or placement and before you know it, you sculpted yourself into a man. The new trend is much easier. And the worst thing that can happen if you don’t know how to strobe is you’ll look sweaty.

Getting started the first step is to moisturize. Strobing creates a dewy look, so moisture is key. My favorite moisturizer is coconut oil. You’ll also need a highlighter. This can come in a few forms and give you different levels of intensity.

Illustration by 18 Loves / Courtesy of Jules More Than Makeup

The Jules – More Than Makeup products I use include a liquid highlighter pen for ease, a champagne colored shimmery eye shadow for a pop, or my very reflective shimmer powder that I call “Strobe” for that extra drama. No glitters and try to stick with skin toned shimmers for a warm, healthy glow and avoid silvers and frosty colors for your everyday makeup.


Strobe like a pro by adding brightness to the inner corners of the eyes to brighten, above your cheekbones to enhance and sculpt naturally, down the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow for pouty lips. That’s a cute name for the peaks on your top lip. Looks like cupid’s bow, see?

Lightly dust on these areas to reflect the light. To avoid looking like a hot sweaty mess or like you’re a Twilight vampire with diamond-like skin, do this before adding your foundation. If you need more after, dust on a little more. If you’re oily, skip your forehead and chin. If you’re on the dry side, you’ll need extra moisturizer and misting. If you have acne prone skin, be careful not to highlight any texture or raised areas so feel free to skip the cheeks.

Enjoy the newest makeup trend and as always, let me know if you need me.



Brooke Atwood x AWB Collab / Photo credit: Cedric Smith / Photo courtesy of Jules More Than Makeup

Words by Jules de Jesus Fritz for Paprika Southern

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