How To Organize Your Makeup Bag

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It’s that other time of year… you know, the time of year when we toss out the old and bring in the new. At my house that means I have the “crazy eye.” My crazy eye even has its own tag line, “it gots to go!” That’s what I say when my husband asks, “Babe, did you want to save this or…”, I can finish that sentence for ya hot stuff, and now you all know it too so say it with me – IT GOTS TO GO! Don’t forget to add the sass.

Now that we’re all hopped up on organization and getting rid of things, let’s move to our makeup bags. Did you know your makeup comes with an expiration date?


That little symbol is the expiration date which will tell you how many months the product will be good. The clock starts ticking once you open it. A trick is to put the date you opened it or the date you should toss it on a sticker to help you remember. Hit pause and start trashing all of the stuff that is old and in your way… I’ll wait… Now that all is out of your way, let’s move on to minimizing the number of products that you will keep to streamline your routine.


Use lip colors for your cheeksdark shadows for eyeliner, and a clear lip liner to be any color you need it to be. If your makeup doesn’t do this, call me.


For fast eyes I like purple to make eye color pop, the blackest mascara in case I don’t have time for eyeliner, and a champagne shimmer that I also use in the inner corners for brightness. A light and darker nude/natural colors for eyes & lips plus your #1 favorite are key to have on hand. Always keep a red lip color in your bag for the FASTEST way to look fancy! You could only do a red lip and everyone would think you didn’t do the rest of your face on purpose, like you’re rockin’ a new Vogue trend. It’s also the Makeup Artist secret to changing up a look in a flash.



New year also means dryer skin for many of us so don’t forget to keep moisturizer in your bag of tricks. You can use it to prep your skin for a smoother application and to turn your foundation into tinted moisturizer without buying another product. You can adjust the coverage by adding a drop or more based on your skin.


If you’ve ever gotten a set of brushes, there are maybe 2 out of 10 that you will actually use. The brush selection process for my makeup line was serious for me. I wanted to offer a kit where you’d love and use each one. Cheap, ineffective brushes are a waste of time and money. Use what works and get the others out of your way!

If your resolution or goal in 2016 was to get organized, starting with your makeup bag will get your day started off on the right foot. Have a go-to look ready and practice it. Streamlining and only keeping what you really use will help you big time in crushing your makeup goals! You can do it by starting with that dried out mascara. Toss it and feel good about buying a new one. It’s cheaper that going to the doctor for an eye infection from old mascara bacteria. Ew. As always, I’m cheering you on! And if you’re not sure what to do, don’t forget to call me.


Written by Jules de Jesus Fritz for Paprika Southern–you can follow Jules’ adventures on FacebookTwitterand Instagram!

Header photo credit: Jade and Matthew


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