Date Night Makeup

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Oh amoré, many of us know what it feels like, but what exactly does it look like especially when we’re talking about makeup?! When I think about romance and love, the words that come to mind are soft, sexy, glowing. Translating that to a makeup look for me includes delicate smokey eyes that are blended and intriguing, nothing is overdone, only romantic. No matter if you are going on a hot date with a boy or your girlfriends, you will feel pretty and polished with this swoon worthy look.

Here’s my exact JMTM product break down in steps:

Step 1: Use Evershadow creme Plum as liner on top and on the bottom using a brush and blend out with a cotton swab. It’s waterproof, so it will last no matter what!

Step 2: Add Evershadow creme in Rock Solid. This will be also be our primer and base color. Blend edges and lines out with a cotton swab.

Step 3: Set with Evershadow powder in Sable to lid.

Step 4: Add Evershadow creme in Bare are under brow for a clean look. Bare is perfect to use under the brow for all skin tones and as a concealer for light-medium skin tones.

Step 5: Groom your brows with brow gel.

Step 6: Use Evershadow powder in Strobe to highlight.

Step 7: Add blush/bronzer duo in Cinnamon & Spice to cheeks.

Step 8: Overdraw lips using clear lip liner.

Step 9: Add Longwear base in Stay and top with Molten lip gloss in Pinky Nude.

Step 10: Mist yourself with Makeup Setting Spray to lock in your look all night and to give yourself the perfect glow.

Photo Credit | Josh Fritz

Photo Credit | Josh Fritz

Need more ideas? Check out my other looks for inspiration. A special thank you to my fab model, Carol. We wrapped the shoot with a spontaneous dance party. She’s my kinda girl!

And take those selfies because I like your face.

Sending you lots of xxoo

<3- Jules

Photo Credit: Siobhan Egan | Paprika Southern Magazine

Video Credit: Josh Fritz | Jules – MTM


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