Avoid Melted Makeup & Frizz with These Tips

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One hot August day in Savannah, I attended an outdoor wedding held under a large tent. It was close to 100* when the rain came. Rain + hot temperature = steam. I was the only girl who planned my look based on the not only the wedding but mainly around the weather. My hair was up and embraced my natural curls. My makeup was fresh and I wore a bold lip to kick it up a few notches. The other guests had a mix of sweaty/frizzy heads in place of what once was bone straight locks or Victoria Secret curls. I spent a large part of the evening in the bathroom putting everyone’s hair up and piecing them back together. The moral of the story – don’t be that girl, plan ahead, work with yourself not against, and be the last one standing in one piece.

Keeping cool and looking fabulous can actually happen at the same time. Growing up in central Florida with no air conditioning helped me understand the art of working with and never against myself to avoid turning into a puddle of frizzy hair and melted makeup. I’m going to share a few tips on how I beat the heat and avoid looking like there was a dance party on the surface of the sun.


If you have curly or wavy hair, it’s time to give your flat iron a break. The extra heat and product it will not only dry out your hair causing frizz but it will most likely be no match for the humidity and will end up frizzy anyway. And that’s not annoying at all. Here’s why it happens – the hair shaft is opening up as much as possible looking for moisture. Coconut oil and leave in conditioners are very helpful in quenching that thirst.


Your skin wants to sweat, it’s very healthy and natural. Limiting powders and using waterproof formulas are a must. Not only mascaras, but also your shadows and cheeks. Swap eyeshadow and blush powders for creams and work the “J Lo glow” into your look. Strobing in the summer time is a great idea. Again, make that glow work for you!


Add SPF 30+ to your foundation to make your own BB cream. Mix a dash of each until you get the coverage you want. Test it on the back of your hand before applying. Remember you won’t need as much makeup since you’ll already be rockin’ a tan or what Jamie Deen calls “God’s foundation.”


Do less on the eyes and rock a bold lip. Red lips are everything this summer and fall. It’s also the fastest way to look fancy. Scared of the red? Try a stain first and build up to a more intense color. Try this at home or even at the pool with your sunnies on. Once you get used to the idea, you’ll love it!


Top knots are chic. They also look good even if they are super messy. If you can get your hair up there, do it! Top knots with red lips and waterproof mascara is everything you need it to be without being too much.


It’s the perfect time a hat. I love my sun hat, it has SPF 50 in the fibers. Any hat you feel cute in will be a fabulous addition, so have fun with it! If you’re not a hat person, try a headband. If I had a dollar for every time a headband or a top knot saved the day, I’d be Oprah rich.

Hope these 7 tips help to get you out the door faster and keep you looking incredible! Take less time to get ready and reinvest it into enjoying your friends, the water, and having fun.

Till next time,

Xo Jules


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