Eyeliner: For Real Navy Teal

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Hey there. Today, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite things by one of my favorite people!

Jules is a makeup artist and beauty coach based out of Savannah. She’s one of the most kind, fun, cool and just over all incredible people I’ve ever known. She has such a unique way of combining her passion for makeup and empowering people that really shines when you meet her. And her cosmetic line, Jules More Than Makeup, really reflects that.

That’s what I’m going to talk about today. I have a product to show you that you need in your life: The JMTM ‘Evershadow Cremes.‘ The gel based formula is waterproof, creaseproof and long lasting. They come in 14 different colors and can be used as an eyeshadow base, gel eyeliner or creme eyeshadow.

jules-loves-for-real-navy-tealI found out just how much this product can stand up to. I recently got my hands on a fabulous color called ‘Navy Teal’ and it’s practically a mermaid in a jar. I KNOW. You can see how much of a dent I’ve made in it!











Now, I’m not overly gifted in the eyeshadow blending department. I mostly rely on eyeliner or a bold lip color to look more put together. So, I decided that I had to use this color to grow some wings!

I was out for about 3 hours that day.

It was 100ºF outside. I was sweating. I also have very oily skin and and a bad habit of touching my eyes and face (I know, it’s bad). Ergo, makeup tends to smudge/flake on me. Here’s what my eyeliner looked like when I got home.

I had pretty much sweated/oiled/rubbed off most of my face makeup, my eyebrow pencil was basically gone, my waterproof mascara was smudged, BUT my wings were still in tact!!

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

I mean, you be the judge, but that’s pretty freaking awesome.

If you still don’t believe me, here is another story. The day before I took these pictures I wore the Navy Teal just like this. Went out for lunch and if you live in Savannah, you know that the weather can change drastically pretty quickly. SO when we left the restaurant it was absolutely pouring. Not just cats and dogs it was raining more like horses and cows. I’m making that a thing, BTW.

Anyways, I was pretty sure when I got home that I would either have no eyeliner left or it would be everywhere except my eye. But that was not the case. Look at these:

My hair was totally ruined, but my eyeliner was definitely not!

And that’s why I had to tell all of you about this. This product survived a huge downpour, 100ºF heat, oily skin and my terrible face touching habit. Now, go buy yourself something pretty from Jules’ line and support a local business! She has a little something for everyone from the makeup beginners to professionals like herself. You can also follow JMTM and Jules Loves on Facebook and Instagram for lots of inspiration both for makeup and life in general.

Hope to see your smiling faces with some fierce makeup soon! Bye 🙂

Author & Photos by Savannah Fuller of The Miniature Foodie


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