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A rainy day in Applebee’s is where it all started for me. It was St Patrick’s day and I was working as a hostess when a gorgeous woman walked in. I greeted her and the gentleman with her by saying, “Hey, don’t I look good in green?”

She laughed and agreed that green was definitely my color. If I knew then that she’d be my personal light detector, I probably would’ve hugged her and creeped them both out. That day was the beginning of my purpose journey. The moment Jules handed me her card it felt right. At first, I thought to myself, This lady could be a serial killer, or crazy. (Yes, my mind goes there.) But thankfully my initial thoughts were completely wrong. She’s the person who helped me really see myself and truly unlock my purpose. nikki_rt-1

Throughout my life I could, as Jules would say, feel my purpose knocking in my chest. I would dream of being a voice and face for albinism, sharing my life story, and inspiring young girls, but I’d stop myself. You can’t do that. You’ll never be this. 

Thankfully, my purpose was able to push through that fear, and I’m now able to share my life and story with others.

So Nikki, what is your purpose? Love. It’s honestly that simple.

I believe my purpose is to love you into loving yourself. I just want to educate everyone about what albinism is, and help each person no matter race, gender, or beliefs to realize just how awesome and amazing they are. I just want to be a light for the ones who need it, because at points in my life that was me.


Your purpose isn’t something you chase or have to find. It’s locked within you just waiting for you to realize and accept it, and even though the journey you’re going through is so complicated and difficult, don’t doubt the simplicity of your purpose. We’re going to get through it just: Be you, Be positive, and Be open. You never know, you may meet a beautiful, positive, woman with a heart of gold in Applebee’s.


Author: Nikki Thurman

Photos courtesy of Paprika Southern Magazine’s Fall 2016 (Issue 5) Beauty Feature, “Autumn Glow” 


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This is a group of like-minded individuals who are inspired to share their Love and Light with the world through Jules Loves. They give themselves by writing out positive messages with the intention and hopes of connecting with each reader to uplift and spark motivation. If you would like to become a Jules Loves Ambassador, please connect with us and share your story and passion for encouraging others.

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