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jules-loves-tiffani-and-jules-holding-handsFor starters I met Jules years ago, the moment I met her she was just this ball of fresh positive vibes! I’ve gotten the chance to work with her at so many shoots/fashion events all over Savannah. From fashion week, Fashion Night Out, The SCAD Fashion and magazines we’ve always send to link right up. Event after event, I gained a friend in the industry who truly talks the talk AND WALKS the walk! Prior to working with her for the very first time, I didn’t know much about make up…actually I didn’t know a thing! Over the years she has shown me so much about my skin/hair from taking care of it to actually applying make up! Many opportunities have literally been handed to me through Jules and STILL are! The icing on the cake is the fact that she goes above and beyond to motivate women. I strive to motivate women through fitness, she motivates through beauty and fashion… different categories but we always have a common goal in mind! When it comes to the fashion industry it’s rare that you find a ball of sunshine…but when you do, run towards it!













I moved to Savannah GA just a few years ago not knowing what to expect of this city. I was your young, go-getter college girl ready to take on the world. I had to focus on school, family and work but I needed something for me…I think everyone does. Being an athlete my entire life swayed me in the direction of the gym and for some crazy reason I just couldn’t get enough. From class, my family, crazy dog and a regular day in general, I’d be beat by six o’clock and got into this repetitive cycle. As crazy as my life has always been, at an early stage I made time for the gym. I did it for no one else but me. As strange as it sounds, it was the only time of the day I had alone, even if it was for only thirty minutes. I didn’t have to think about work, what to cook for dinner or how I was going finish a twenty page paper in two days. The gym was more than just a motivational thing in my life, it was therapeutic. That something that I needed for myself is something every single person should have. This thing comes in many different forms but the end result is happiness. We all get so busy and wrapped up in our everyday lives sometimes we actually forget about ourselves, especially us ladies (The Mama’s too). That something could be yoga, walking a few laps at the park every morning or attending Wednesday night zumba at your local gym. Which ever it may be that special something could help you get through a really hard day or time in your life. That special something could inspire your friend to find a special something and it creates a wave of motivation. You could motivate a young lady to keep going because she IS worthy of love & respect, show someone something they’ve never seen before or help a friend realize their life is far too precious to let depression take them over. Working out happens to be my special thing because it makes me feel good and I want as many people as possible to have a chance to feel that same feeling. I’ve come to realize that every day isn’t easy but we all could use a little motivation every blue moon. As long as I am able to share this message with one person I have faith it can spread to one more person. This is the very reason I started personal training. It brings me so much joy and I spread this very message to each and every one of my clients near and far. It is something that is very near and dear to my heart because you never know what a person could be going through. Working out in general is so special to me because I feel like its my biggest outlet to reach as many people, especially women as possible. As women we typically tend to be so hard on ourselves and that should not be the case. Yes my special something may be working out but working out might be difficult to do for others. If you want to take that step and make a change, first do it for you. Do it simply because you deserve to feel good and have a special something. We all may run a race at a different pace but the main goal is to finish! Pacing your self and taking baby steps while enduring something new is the best way to go. You have time to comprehend things while on the journey and even brace yourself for a fall. Moving too quickly could easily trip you up and put you out of the race. Taking smaller steps to be more active or lose/gain ten pounds will require you to master consistency which does not happen over not. The sweet thing about motivation is that you only have to be exposed to it for just as little as ten seconds. I truly believe motivation is contagious, so why not spread it?

Tiffani Bunch

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