My Favorite Meditation

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Meditation is now a constant part of my life. It is something that I cannot live without, not because it has some addictive quality, but rather because I am intentionally injecting it into the code of my life and habits (creating this website has me thinking in terms of code…lol). My meditations have many subtle layers. Some are long, deep lengths of time spent in the quietness, while others are quick and conscious, taking place while doing an activity such as cooking or playing music. This guided meditation is from Paramahansa Yoganada’s Self-Realization Fellowship, which is an organization dedicated to carrying on the legacy and truth of Yogananda’s teachings. It is my personal go-to for an early morning guided meditation because it leaves a looming sense of peace that helps guide my decision making process.  If you have never meditated or just want to try something easy, follow the instructions in this meditation without allowing yourself to feel anything but Peace.


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Hi! I am husband, Dad, business owner, photo/video guy and light amplifier. Together, my wife Jules and I are the creators of, a positivity platform created to inspire and brighten our world. My blogs are aimed at parents just like me, especially Dads who need a little help wrapping their heads around such a big life change.

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