The Universe + Aromatherapy

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Savannah has a funny way of colliding lives and creating friendships that we could have never imagined. I’m a big believer in the saying “everything happens for a reason” and the Universe giving us what we never realized we needed. Take me for example. 5 years ago, I found myself temporarily living in Savannah, working as a hair stylist on a small movie set. One of my first days in the world of film, I met a makeup artist named Jules. She was genuine and sweet, and being far from home I was eager to know a friendly soul. Since those few short weeks of working together, Jules and I have crossed paths over and over. And this summer, the Universe collided us together once more.



Wildflower Gypsy + Aromatherapy



Aromatherapy and essential oils have been a big part of my life for the past number of years. Once I became a Mama to Chloe Mae last April, they’ve become a vital part of our everyday lives. I’m a huge advocate of natural living and wellness, so essential oils have fit perfectly. I’ve been so inspired by how aromatherapy and natural living have improved our lives, that I created Wildflower Gypsy. We offer truly natural + wholesome aromatherapy products, as well as a platform for hands on workshops and online education.


Wildflower Gypsy, is built on the foundation of Mama Love, Wildly Simple. It’s a saying meant to inspire self-love for our families and ourselves. Our self-love is in the form of quick pick me ups, I feel pretty body oils + of course healthy products for our little ones. Whether you are a mom, a single + hard working lady, or a student, we all can benefit immensely from treating ourselves well and with love. A guest post with Jules Loves was a no brainer. With a growing community that supports and loves another, I had to join in on the movement.


So what exactly is aromatherapy?




Aromatherapy date’s back before the ancient Egyptians and is still deeply rooted in our lives today. Aromatherapy involves our olfactory system, which is responsible for our scent memory. Scent and memory can be a powerful tool. Think about what your home smelled like growing up and how it makes you feel, or how the scent of fresh apple pie takes us back to the holidays with family and friends. The use of essential oils in Aromatherapy works similarly on our emotions and mental wellbeing. But it can also benefit us physically. For example, we can make a massage oil to help achy muscles, or diffuse a blend to relax and unwind.


Essential oils are extracted through steam distillation or cold pressed from plant parts such as leaves, flowers, bark or skin of the plant (think of an orange peel!). Along side essential oils, aromatherapy also includes the use of plant butters like Shea butter, carrier oils such as coconut or apricot oil, plant + beeswax, herbs and herbal extracts, milk powders, sugar + salt, as well as muds and clays.



Natural Living + My Family



There’s a big part of me that feel’s like an old soul living in a modern world. I live in an old home filled with old trinkets and furniture in an old city. And I love learning and practicing old traditions, wives’ tales and remedies. Call me crazy, but using essential oils and herbs in our home makes me feel more connected to my grandmothers, great grandmothers and so on. For every generation of mothers, fathers, parents and so forth, we have the common desire to create the best environment for our children. Using natural botanicals in our every day lives to create such a space really isn’t that complicated. I’m somewhat of a low maintenance kind of gal, so if I can easily use oils in my every day life, say can you! We love to use “plant magic” to help with emotional issues like stress, calm irritated skin or bug bites, and create our own non-toxic cleaning products. The options are truly endless when using essential oils. And I would love to walk you through the easy steps of building your own stash of essential oils for natural living, so stay tuned for our upcoming lesson on Building Your Home Apothecary!



Love + Gratitude


Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit about my love of aromatherapy and my passion for natural living! I hope I’ve stirred up a little inspiration in you and can’t wait to share more.


Stay connected with this Wildflower Gypsy over at, Instagram @a_wildflower_gypsy or email for shop updates, new products and future education.


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This is a group of like-minded individuals who are inspired to share their Love and Light with the world through Jules Loves. They give themselves by writing out positive messages with the intention and hopes of connecting with each reader to uplift and spark motivation. If you would like to become a Jules Loves Ambassador, please connect with us and share your story and passion for encouraging others.

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