I Deleted Facebook and Survived to Write This to You.

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Affirmation: I stay open and work with God.

Not matter your view, it’s been a very “feely” week as we transition as a country. I don’t care who you are or who you voted for – you are feeling some things. You might even be feeling A LOT of things. But having feelings isn’t a bad thing. They let you know that you care and that you are alive. But what about when the feelings start to take over? That’s where I found myself.

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself”. -Ice Cube

My week included more news updates and more Facebook scrolling than ever. Each notification distracted me without adding much good to my day. Without even noticing, I was checking more and more “to stay informed”.

After a couple days of not being able to figure out why I felt so off, I sat in the stillness of meditation and saw that I was allowing myself to be berated by information. This was an attack on my consciousness that I hadn’t even considered. Typically, I’m very careful of what I listen to, watch, and say since I don’t get to choose what sticks in my mind. But I took it all in this week and boy, did I feel it.

The high price of being “informed”.

After talking to a couple of close friends and seeing others posting about feeling lost, I sat with God some more and got really quiet to listen and hear what was going on.

My mind was noisy and chaotic trying to process what I had seen from various news sources including written battles in the comments and posts. Being a huge promoter of God’s love, I was shattered seeing human beings forgetting that they were good. I sat in silence pondering how I could actually be a light in such darkness, especially when my American heart was in the battle by birthright. Thankfully, our inherent and Divine good is also a birthright, no matter where you were born.

You’re a blessing to the world.

Lost in the chaos of my mind, I started to forget that I was a child of God. That I’m here to do some work – good work – and it doesn’t matter who the president is or isn’t – I’m on a personal mission. I share my heart in order to heal it. To understand unidentified fears in order to give them words and then release them. It brings me immeasurable joy and teaching my process has helped others change the trajectory of their lives. And still, like most, I was overwhelmed with news, politics and negativity… forgetting I was good.

The more I reminded myself that I’m working WITH God, the more I realized that these news updates were no longer welcomed to show up whenever they felt like, adding a dash – or a bucket – of fear, or anger, to my life. I said good day!

 Step back.

Boundaries give me a safe space where I won’t let anyone walk through my mind or life with their dirty feet. It’s key to your well being and for your self-preservation. I deleted Facebook from my phone and iPad, in addition to all news notifications, replacing it with scheduled times when I visit these places… and then I leave them to go live my life and serve others. Balance = centered.

Having space from the updates has been incredible! Side note: I didn’t judge myself when I still kept mindlessly reaching for my phone – it was more confirmation that I had done the right thing by I reclaiming my brain to share love.

Press pause.

Add a pause to your day, your conversations, your thoughts. In that pause feel peace as you remember that the person who thinks differently was once an innocent child and is still a child of God, just like you… that’s a great place to start. Stay open and work with God. He never fails, but we do.

Gah, I wish I could squeeze you right now and tell you how much I love you just the way you are. Keep growing your good by feeding it joy, love, and truth. Oh, and by the way, the Universe was made for you to enjoy. Now go smile at 3 strangers tomorrow who look nothing like you and attract some miracles!

Love you more,



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