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The night of the election, Nikki went to sleep and had this dream…

The skies seemed to be in turmoil as thunder roared and lightning striked the air. I was afraid. I walked as quickly as I could down the lonely road, trying my hardest to find shelter. A flashlight clutched in one hand and a thorny stick in the other. I was alone. As The road ended I was met with two caves. I was confused. One cave was filled with light while the other was completely darkened. My mind chose the light-filled cave, while my heart and body pushed me towards the darkness. I twisted, turned, and shouted to no avail as my body went on its own accord. I was trapped. Darkness swallowed me as I traveled frighteningly through this cave. Stopping, I hear a terrifying noise. Clutching the thorny stick tighter, I traveled along the cave walls. Suddenly I feel myself being pushed, pulled, and pinched by something unknown. I fight. I swing the thorny stick in every direction I can think of, but with every swing of my weapon, I felt the thorns tearing my skin also. We were losing. The more I fought, the more I suffered.

“Why didn’t you use your flashlight,” you ask.

That’s my question to you. Right now the world we’re living in is that dark cave, waiting to be exposed to light. It’s a cave filled with a lack of empathy, biased opinions, and bugs of negativity that are just hiding within the shadows, attacking us at any given chance, but lately we have been battling this darkness with a thorny stick, Yes, it has been effective in hurting and proving our point, but we’ve also been hurting ourselves in the process. Exposing our hearts to negativity, drowning our energy in hate, and transforming ourselves into people we don’t want to be. To defeat this darkness all we need is light, and that light is waiting to be released within us.

So, why are we forgetting our flashlight?

Your “flashlight” is the purpose God put inside of each and every one of us, and that purpose reflects the most beautifully effective light known to man. It’s so amazingly versatile that it can shine through the very words you speak, and/or the talent that you’re gifted with. Even though this light is permanently inside of us, a lot of us, including me, have allowed it to lie dormant. That purpose just sitting within you wanting and seeking opportunities to release itself and we’ve just ignored it. Either out of lack of confidence in ourselves, fear of success, or we’ve become complacent, but what we fail to realize is that, refusing to feed ourselves with positivity, resting, and being open to our own love can result in unpleasant consequences.

Due to a lack of light releasing we’ll find ourselves agitated, easily annoyed, depressed, or constantly in defense mode, but it’s how we’re defending ourselves that’s draining us of the energy we need. We are love, love is light, and light is reflected through positivity. Before you start to debate with someone over anything, stop yourself and think. I s what I’m about to say going to benefit either of us, or this conversation? Am I reacting out of love, or defensiveness. Sometimes respecting someone and preserving your energy is more important than proving you’re right. I know being positive about things is hard. I battle with it every day, but I had to understand that all of the ignorance, hatred, down talk, and disrespect is only fear wearing a different shirt. They’re only afraid. The same as you and I are. That’s where empathy comes into play. We must put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and remember t here’s no greater person. No one is better than the other. We all must go through something in life. Light nor darkness discriminates.

In this moment…

I want you to embrace that the darkness we’re facing in life, no matter what it is, it’s necessary. We must travel these dark caves. I know you’re probably giving this blog a major side eye, but think about it. How would there be a diamond, if the coal never went through pressure? What difference does light make without darkness? Would you need a flashlight in a sunlit room? No. Your purpose is to bring light where there is darkness in whatever way you can, and with whatever your gift is. You are necessary. You are a major key in this world. That light inside of you is your spirit power, and you’re the hero you have been looking for. I see you for who you are. You are strength. You are the higher road. You are the defender against darkness. You. Are. Light.




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