Affirmation: I am enough. I do enough.

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Let me start by saying that you are enough and you do enough.

When there’s not a scratch, let alone a check mark on my to-do list, not a single item of laundry done, or a strand of hair combed – even in those times, I have to remember that I am enough. If I don’t then the bully in my head, aka my inner negative self-talk, will start to think I’m inviting her to beat me up, giving her permission to tell me that I don’t do enough.

Police the people in your head.

But here’s the thing, I do enough. I am enough. For a long time I wouldn’t allow myself to believe that. I’m a full-time Mom homeschooling a 3-year old, my husband and I run 4 thriving businesses, and we don’t have a cook or a maid. A maid would be super awesome since I also have 3 dogs. Even with all of that, I still have to affirm that “I am enough” daily because that voice tells me I could do more. Since that bully of a voice is mean and uses fear tactics to keep me small and quiet, I do my best to reclaim my power. I need every last drop I can get. Can I get an Amen?!

Too many hats and pots.

A common trap for me is trying to make something happen. You think you are being proactive and “making things happen”. I figured out that I was only making more busy work for myself so that I felt I was doing enough. I had on all my hats and I was stirring all the pots. Because that’s what hustlin’ looks like. Until I got tired of grinding so hard and crashing even harder.

Simmer down now.

After getting bronchitis 5 times in 2015 – clearly, something had to change. I started to wear one hat at a time and focused the job duties that came along with that hat. Breaking up the workload into groups helped me see and feel that I was doing enough. When a hat would require more than I could give, it was time to reevaluate it.

I started giving myself permission to take better care of me.

After I reevaluated my to-do list, sometimes a project would have to get cut and a day off inserted. Small, daily decisions are important too. Example: I ate something good for my body even though I could’ve eaten cereal for dinner. Ok, who I am kidding, that’s a big one too!

Remember to give yourself some love by replacing the self-judgement with self-compassion. You’re doing great, kiddo. Put your hand over your heart and feel it beating when you start to think you’re not, and know every day, you are enough.

Love you more,



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