Affirmation: I am a Superhero, here to do good.

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Consider the idea that you are on a mission for your alter ego, your trusted friend, but you’ve gone too deep undercover and you’re forgotten the whole reason you’re here. We don’t know all of the details of your duties, but we do know that you are a superhero, here to do good. In order to prepare for this mission, you must embrace a new way of thinking – because you’re a superhero now and superheros aren’t victims.

The first step in Superhero training is…

To get really quiet and focus on what clues have been secretly arriving over your lifetime. Clues come in positive forms like helpers, opportunities, desires, inspirations, and gifts/talents. Since we tend to think those clues are too good to be true, we are often forcefully redirected by life changes, pain, or even tragedy, instead. It’s similar to not putting oil in your car when the light comes on, thinking you’ll be fine because it’s just a light and you don’t really have time to check into it… and then it breaks down on the side of the road to make sure it gets your attention. Do you hear me now?

What LENT means to me.

Over the Lenten season, which is the 6 weeks between Ash Wed and Easter, I’m fasting differently this year. Giving things up that I really like in order to show discipline, doesn’t really appeal to me on a practical level. We all know whatever you give up will be knocking on your front door in 5 minutes to tempt you. Since that’s what I know to be true for me, I rather partner this fast with my superhero training.

L.E.N.T. = Let’s Embrance New Thinking

Over the next 40 days of Lent, I’m going to share new, positive thoughts and helpers to aide in our training. This compassionate approach is to encourage us to keep getting back up everyday to stand our TRUTH.

Stay tuned for more in this series and please share me with your friends who may need some good right now by forwarding this email or by sharing it on social media using the buttons below. My personal goal over the next 6 weeks will change us for the better. Let’s drop the Clark Kent cover and become the champions we inherently are by fasting the negative and feasting on the good!

Love you more,



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I’m a random-dance-party-havin’ optimist who loves family time the most. My hair is a party and I’ll pray with anyone, anywhere. My life is a surrender experiment where I choose faith over fear to follow my intuition. It has all led me here to share wholehearted stories about what I’ve learned along the way; from overcoming a terminal brain tumor to becoming a celebrity makeup artist and then trading it all in for a purpose-driven life. Wanna know more about me? Hop over to the About page and keep reading. xo

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