5 FREE Ways to Enjoy Self-Care

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Photo: Peter Rosa for Spartina449 | Hair + Makeup: Dollface by Jules

Photo: Peter Rosa for Spartina449


5 free ways to enjoy self-care:

Sometimes self-care can be confused with having to buy yourself something or having to sign up for a new fitness program, so I wanted to offer you a few ways to feed yourself something good at no cost.

1. Go outside and breathe in fresh air.

Being outside is one of my favorite ways to become present in the moment. The Spring weather makes it pretty easy to be outside, so soak it up!

2. Read a good, positive book.

I’m not talking about a romance novel or a Steven King book, I’m suggesting something that will inspire positive thoughts. My big brother, Jose, who is a fitness guru in Orlando, FL gifted me a book called “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris. From fitness to money to a good kick in the butt – this book is a great guide for flipping around and finding what you need in that moment.

3. Drink water.

If you don’t like water, try adding bubbles to it. I love La Croix sparkling water and we also use a Soda Stream to make our own flavored water. A large, insulated water cup is a huge helper too. The water will make your brain and skin feel better, so try to make that your choice this weekend.

4. Wear something that makes you feel fabulous.

If you’ve been saving that outfit or pants that fit your body just right for a special occasion, this is the time to break it out! We are celebrating you, so what better reason is there? Fancy or not, wear what makes you feel amazing every time you put it on. It will trigger happy chemicals in your brain.

5. Speak words of gratitude for the care you gave to yourself.

Show yourself compassion by saying, “I am grateful for the time and care I am giving myself right now.”

Enjoy your day, my sweet friends. This is blog is your permission slip just in case you need one. If you needed an extra boost of good and more reasons to put yourself back on your To-Do list, take a listen to a recording of my talk “Living Beautifully” my podcast Jules Loves Me, it will remind you of your worth. Wishing you big smiles on your face and in your heart! xo

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