Overcoming Vulnerability & Finding Self-Love with Boudoir Photography by Ashley Beschell

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Ashley Beschell Photography

Ashley Beschell Photography


As a general life rule, the most powerful life changes result from moments of vulnerability. These are the moments you learn about yourself, the moments that you grow from, and the moments that can ultimately shape you.

After years of being fascinated with boudoir photography, I finally summoned up the courage to launch my business, and have since been inspired by each lady’s individual journey from vulnerability to self-love. Boudoir photography is a sensitive experience, but I’ve also learned it can also be one of the most empowering things you can do to unveil your beauty- inside and out.

And let’s face it, getting naked in front of a camera is the definition of being vulnerable. It’s intimidating!

You’re completely opening yourself up… to be seen by you! That has to be one of the scariest things in the world! We are our biggest critics. What if you see something you don’t like?! And we had this crazy idea to document it with a camera! What!?

But let’s revisit the power of vulnerability. It’s an opportunity for growth. What if you see a strong, beautiful woman with beautiful curves and contagious laugh? What if you see yourself perfectly captured in the flowy lace details that you adore, documented in a peaceful day dream? What if you absolutely love the woman in those pictures and see that you are in fact gorgeous? Now, what if you remember that you are the amazing woman in those photographs, and every day of your life you are strong, beautiful and wonderful? What if every day you look at those images you grow more confident in you?

A boudoir shoot can bring out a specific type of vulnerability; I think the most important thing you can do to fight this fear is to focus on what you love about yourself.


Now, I am a realist, and I do not believe many women love every single inch of their body, every single day of their life. And that is okay… so long as you give it all to celebrating what you do love. Stand in the mirror every single day and, out loud, say three things you love about you and three things you love about your body. Just three, every day. It’s amazing to see how your perspective on yourself will change when you focus on the good and stop finding the bad. Similarly, my photography will always focus on those loves.

All that being said the nerves and feeling of vulnerability really only last a few minutes into a shoot. I have noticed the process my clients experience goes something like this:

Phase 1: Eek! I feel nervous & vulnerable

Phase 2: Okay, this isn’t so bad

Phase 3: I AM HOT!

My goal is to take your mind off that scary Phase 1 by making you comfortable, capturing the things you love about yourself and keeping you busy with poses. A lot of my poses include a  movement so that you’re engaged and don’t have time to think about the fact that you’re kinda naked being photographed. And, I promise this direction will feel awkward (but look AMAZING).

You will stick your booty out, and basically practice a foreign type of yoga.

Personally, I love to embrace this awkward, because it can make us laugh, and that genuine emotion is what I want to capture. The real lady! It is so important to me to capture photos that are about the personality of the woman in them, because to me that is true beauty! Of course a few sultry images at the end are really fun, but true empowerment comes from loving the person behind the great hair and smokin’ bra.

I understand that a boudoir session isn’t for everyone, but if you have even an inkling of interest, I encourage you to embrace that and reach out! It is a great way to grow in your mission of loving yourself, and it gives you a sweet reminder that you are wonderful on those days where you really just aren’t feeling it. Join my ladies-only facebook page and let’s stay in touch: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1783644158562141/

With love, Ashley




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