My Second Surgery is Today.

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My second vein surgery is today.

Despite the pain being greater than I expected first time, I’m feeling calm and I’m confident in my medical team.


Today, a huge bulging vein that I’ve had since elementary school will be removed.

This vein was like an arch nemesis for most of my life.

Along with my thicker legs, I was always super self concious about wearing shorts.  It wasn’t until last summer that I decided to make peace with my body, legs included.

After not being able to walk one day, I was pushed into going to the vein specialist.

I found out about the vein disease and the symptoms I was experiencing, including swelling.

Come to find out, I’ve never known the true shape of my legs.

For so many years I hated them for being fat and for the giant bulging road map i couldn’t hide with makeup.

My legs needed me to stop shit talking them and go to the doctor.  My body needed attention and love, not my judgement.

It took me four months to talk about this publicly because I didn’t want to hear the old lady jokes.  But, I’m sharing my journey and this story for anyone who needs encouragement to love themselves a little more today.

Please send me love and keep me in prayer.  All of the good vibes kept my spirits lifted after my first sugery two weeks ago.

The power of sending your love really does work!

With all my Love,



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