Mic check … Is this thing on?

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Jules Loves Me
Jules Loves Me
Mic check ... Is this thing on?

In this episode, Josh and I sit down and chat about our life and the intention of the Jules Loves Me podcast. What was supposed to just be a microphone check for our new interview mics, turned into a juicy conversation filled with all sorts of stuff that may surprise you and will definitely make you laugh out loud. Tune in and see what we’re up to in our adventures!

Special thanks to Razz at Pod on the Go for all of the help on getting the podcast going again!

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Join me next time for another wholehearted story! Blessings and love to you from me! xo


About The Author

I’m a random-dance-party-havin’ optimist who loves family time the most. My hair is a party and I’ll pray with anyone, anywhere. My life is a surrender experiment where I choose faith over fear to follow my intuition. It has all led me here to share wholehearted stories about what I’ve learned along the way; from overcoming a terminal brain tumor to becoming a celebrity makeup artist and then trading it all in for a purpose-driven life. Wanna know more about me? Hop over to the About page and keep reading. xo

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  1. Wow Josh and Jules this was a heck of a mic check!! I loved the spontaneity of your convo and how so many good and wonderful points popped up randomly in the convo!!
    Love you guys and especially your primary colors!!!❤️??

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