Beautiful Conversations – Tierra Benton

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Beautiful Conversations - Jules and Tierra

Asè. A beautiful word used many times over by my guest, supermodel and artist, Tierra Benton. During our conversation, Tierra frequently would respond with this gorgeous term in the same way I say “Amen!” to exclaim the Truth of what was said. The term is an African philosophical concept from Nigeria that, in its translation, is a soul’s agreement on what has been stated. Tierra explains it as joining your soul’s power and authority with the other person’s as you stand together in Truth. This, my friends, is a tiny bit of the magic I experienced with Tierra as we got to know each other while I did her makeup for a big fashion shoot happening right after our interview(!).

Tierra’s impressive modeling career spans over 15 years but it wasn’t until she experienced extreme physical pain that she realized she had a divine purpose and new superpowers trying to get her attention. Join us on the journey of her awakening and transition as she inspires us with her authenticity and realness. Tierra is a gift to us all, a true blessing beyond measure. To follow and support Tierra, you can find her here: @tierrabenton @abundaverse

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