We’re going chemical-free, here’s why…

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After a scary experience with Julian and a bottle of Lysol, finding a new solution was crucial. Even though he wasn’t harmed, we took the warning sign and started looking for ways to eliminate cleaners and chemicals immediately. The best option we found was using way too many cleaning wipes and paper towels expensive non-toxic cleaners. We were not only able to get rid of harmful chemicals, but we also stopped having to buy paper products in bulk. The best part is, we only use water to do the best cleaning job EVER in minutes instead of hours. We’ve been sharing our new way of clean living with friends, family, and even other campers in the State Parks. After blowing everyone’s minds, we decided to offer an easy link to order from us directly. We love to share Norwex because it aligns so well with our mission at our retreat center, the Hopeful House, and with our Jules Loves Me podcast and blog. All of the earnings are going to the Hopeful House’s mission of being a safe haven retreat for the others. Cheers to safe havens, healthy families, and saving the planet!

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a couple of links. One is to our Safe Haven event that is open until 11:11 pm on Thursday, Oct. 31st. The other is a direct link to our online store in case you miss the event. Please feel free to share these links with anyone who may be looking for chemical-free options in their homes too. THANK YOU!




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