Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments

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Can you believe a shiny new decade is here? To be totally honest, 2019 ended as hard as it started. After 2 months of Airstream livin’, loving all the different State Parks from Florida to North Carolina, we returned to The Hopeful House in later November. We were filled with excitement for the upcoming holidays…

AND THEN… we went out for pizza to celebrate our travels… the kids came home with the flu and colds. This was the first time any of them experienced sickness beyond runny noses so we weren’t sure what would happen. We were quarantined for weeks which means we missed big events like Thanksgiving, Christmas parades, and seeing Santa. But it didn’t end there, the flu turned into strep, then laryngitis, the twins’ first 2 teeth, stomach flu, allergic reactions to antibiotics, then finally a new round of sinus infections. Yesterday was the last day of antibiotics and after 5 friggin’ weeks, we couldn’t be more thankful to be DONE.

While we were keeping children alive and maintaining our sanity and friendship, my 5-page article (yes, FIVE, cinco!) in Paprika Southern magazine was released! I carried it around the house with me in awe for days. What a dream to be published in this way; the timing turned into a beacon of light during the tough, sick days. It also was a gentle reminder of what I needed to be doing.

You see, after the first 2 weeks of the total 5 weeks of illnesses, we started to shift into survival mode and it was taking a toll. We were losing ourselves in piles of tissues, doctor visits, and the constant cleaning and disinfecting of everything including laundry. The article entitled Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments reminded me to be aware of the signals my body was sending to let me know what I needed. Josh and I kicked up our partnership another notch by holding each other accountable for self-care. We literally followed my own “how-to” guide step-by-step and we started feeling better. Talk about Divine timing! When I wrote the article I thought I was writing it to help others learn how to pull themselves out of a dark place or know what to do when anxiety hits your mind like a tidal wave. Well, it turns out, as always, I was writing to myself. I like to think of it as future Jules hooked me up in the moment I needed it.

And of course, I want to hook you up too, so I’m doing a video series to go over each part of the guide AND Paprika Southern is giving us 10% off with the code JULES10 at checkout! To get ready for the video series happening net week, you can grab your copy of the Winter Issue asap on and make sure to check our private Jules Loves Me Facebook group to get more details. If you’re already a member, please invite your friends and family so they can also benefit from feeling less stress.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this from Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments…

“Because when life’s pressures are coming down on you, you actually do know what you’re doing — all you have to do is remember to breathe, trust in yourself, and take your next best step forward. To show up in the emotionally charged moments and accept that they are just emotions, not good or bad, not even you — just emotions — gives you a more integrated way of problem-solving. No one wins when you are operating from a reactive state. Every time you practice calming and caring for yourself, you are breaking destructive patterns and changing your legacy. Guiding yourself back to your center creates more balance in all areas of your life and brings forth healing that flows from generation to generation. A new level of patience and strength will stream from your expanding heart, little by little. One day you’ll notice that you handled a tough situation with more grace or you were able to stop yourself from spiraling a little bit sooner. This is the gift we give ourselves, the joy that comes from living a more conscious and peaceful life.” 

Love you always, Jules


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