Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments : Part 1 – Where to Start

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The popular article and how-to guide, “Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments”, from Paprika Southern magazine is now a video series! Jules dives deeper into each part of the process from where to start the moment discomfort hits, ending with aligning with peace. Hit play to watch and/or listen to the audio version on the #juleslovesme website. Please share to keep the conversation going! You are not alone. Excerpt from the article “Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments”: “Every time you practice calming and caring for yourself, you are breaking destructive patterns and changing your legacy. Guiding yourself back to your center creates more balance in all areas of your life and brings forth a healing that flows from generation to generation. A new level of patience and strength will stream from your expanding heart, little by little. One day you’ll notice that you handled a tough situation with more grace or you were able to stop yourself from spiraling a little bit sooner. This is the gift we give ourselves, the joy that comes from living a more conscious and peaceful life.”


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Hi! I am husband, Dad, business owner, photo/video guy and light amplifier. Together, my wife Jules and I are the creators of, a positivity platform created to inspire and brighten our world. My blogs are aimed at parents just like me, especially Dads who need a little help wrapping their heads around such a big life change.

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