I am Holy light

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One night I whisper to my 6-year-old, just before he dozed off, “You are Holy Light.” He responded quickly and said: “I love hearing that!” I said, “Because your heart knows it’s true.”

Children give us an opportunity to remember who we were and what needed when we were little. They give us a chance to transform and grow more than we thought we could. A chance to be more present. A chance to feel an expanded love. A chance to remember a time when we were also whole. Lovable. Lighthearted. Playful. Innocent. Then I remember that I am still all of these parts and now wise. Empathetic. Brave. Resilient. By remembering my wholeness, I feel the oneness. I am grateful for the spiritual partners and teachers I call my children.


I am Holy light, I am one with God
I am whole
I am lovable
I am lighthearted and playful
I am transforming and growing strong
I remember my wholeness and feel oneness

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I’m a random-dance-party-havin’ optimist who loves family time the most. My hair is a party and I’ll pray with anyone, anywhere. My life is a surrender experiment where I choose faith over fear to follow my intuition. It has all led me here to share wholehearted stories about what I’ve learned along the way; from overcoming a terminal brain tumor to becoming a celebrity makeup artist and then trading it all in for a purpose-driven life. Wanna know more about me? Hop over to the About page and keep reading. xo

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