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Fun back story: I got an email from an online radio station in New York asking me to give them a call. I did and I left a message. That afternooon the producer and I played a fierce game of phone tag due to poor cell service, finally after 7-8 attempts, we connected!

I answered the phone by saying, “Thank you for not giving up on me and for continuing to try!”

He laughed and said, “It was actually my pleasure. Your voice mail told me to take a moment to breathe and rest in that moment… so I did. And I kept doing it every time I didn’t get you. Turns out, I really needed the breaks, so thank you! And I would love to have you come on our show and share your story. I heard everything I needed to hear on your voice mail. I know you’ll be a fantastic guest!”

You never know who’s gonna call you or how it’ll work out but trust that it always does. Enjoy the segment!

LIVE Interview with Jules De Jesus Fritz


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