Spiritual Family Gatherings – Palm Sunday 2020

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Palm Sunday — Jesus arrived to Jerusalem. Riding a donkey. The donkey symbolizing coming in peace. No war with each other, only truth and peace for all. Jesus accepted the Truth by joining with the Holy Spirit for an unshakable, radical example of Peace.

It didn’t matter what was going on around him and even to him, he remembered to stay united with the peace of God that lives within.

It doesn’t matter what is happening around us, if we can remember to go within to hold on to the peace of God, we will build our peace and ability to give grace.

We only have two options: choose to move towards peace or not. Faith or Fear. Love or judgment.

ACIM shows us that we have a crown of thorns in one hand and white lilies in the other, yet we’re confused on which to give to each other.

Palm Sunday is an invitation to put down the thorns of unforgiveness and judgment, to instead give grace. Grace for each other and grace for ourselves. Grace for you, grace for me, back and forth, given generously.

What stops us from doing this? I believe it’s because we believe to give grace and forgiveness is a sign of weakness. But it’s actually the opposite. A pure mind is one that knows forgiveness is the only way to rise up, united, as one family. This pure mind also knows this way of operating, walks hand and hand with strength. The ego believes this is weakness. Your indwelling Spirit knows and remembers the Truth.

So this week, the Holy Week, I encourage you to be aware of those around you daily that are really upsetting you — people on the news who aren’t playing by the rules — people who are in positions of power who don’t seem to be taking things seriously — hold them in your heart and remember the choice you have. Thorns or lilies?

Reframe the disturbances as calls for love. Arguments, fussiness, ugliness. All of it. They only give you two choices: Peace or not. Soak them and yourself in grace.

By touching the stillness within and tapping into our inner peace, we can find an unlimited amount of grace. The last thing we need to ration out is grace and compassion for ourselves and others right now. If you can only consider this way for this week, then so be it. Day by day, moment to moment is an even easier pace. Be gentle right now. We all need the positive examples.

If you get upset and forget, you can choose again. Remember to calm down your nervous system and reconnect your command center to your heart. Active your higher wisdom. It’s in there. It’s all in there. Everything you need.

My prayers: Be with me. Help me. Remind me. Take my hand.

My affirmations for myself and others: I am Spirit. Whole and pure. All is forgiven and released. You are Spirit. Whole and pure. All is forgiven and released. A crisis care guide is waiting for you here and a full series on Peace is waiting on YouTube. Click here to listen to the Palm Sunday podcast episode now.

Love and blessings ??


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