What do you believe?

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Beliefs… My belief on beliefs.

Many are troubled with the feeling of not knowing what to believe. Who do I believe? What and who can I trust? 

Let’s talk a step back and ask this: what are beliefs? 

In Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth” he describes a belief system as “A set of thoughts that you regard as the absolute truth”. 

So if a belief is a thought, a thought that you believe to be the absolute truth… how do you know what is the truth?

Now let’s ask this important question, where did your core beliefs come from? 

Did they come from what you were taught? Did they come from your experiences? Both? 

And let’s continue to inquire… what do you believe right now? 

After asking others about their beliefs, one thing started to become clear: first, we may not fully realize what has gotten stuck in our minds as beliefs and second, our ability to change what we believe. 

Maybe we haven’t considered reevaluating our beliefs because we didn’t know we could or should. Maybe we’ve accepted the truth we were taught and kept on moving. 

Today, I want to encourage you to give it some thought. What is the truth of what you believe to be true… right now? 

As the different beliefs start to come up, take a look at it… is this still true for you? If not, what do you believe to be true? 

My favorite way to do this discovery work is in the stillness. To be still and know. 

Let’s do it together: Close your eyes and ask yourself, what do I believe? Sit there as a thought comes up. Without judgement of it being good or bad, ask yourself if you still believe this to be true. Does this still work for you? If not, what feels truer in your gut? Your truth will start to reveal itself to you. 

Spend some time with this idea of what feels truer to your belief system. Reevaluating what you hold as an absolute thought in your mind is your right and is where your power lies. 

Why? Because I believe my thoughts + my feelings = my outcome. 

As you continue to walk through your mind, consider using this affirmation: 

I AM strong when I stand in my Truth. 

Step by step, belief by belief, thought by thought, you can change your life and the world around you by rediscovering your truth and standing in it. 


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