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Who can we trust? Who do you trust? Before we dig into trust, I’d like to recap this past season. 

I started doing these talks 9 weeks ago. On the Saturday before Palm Sunday I heard loud and clear in my heart that it was time to share. I asked a few friends meet me on Zoom and then I realized the next day, my first Sunday message would be on Palm Sunday. 

Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week when Jesus rides a donkey into Jerusalem before the crucifixion. 

This message of Jesus and his unshakable peace came at the beginning of the pandemic quarantine. I held on to this image of Jesus knowing what was ahead of him and as he held on to his internal peace of God… despite what was happening around him and to him. 

Every week the messages I’ve felt led to share with you have been on time and it all seemed to be leading up to something. I wasn’t sure how it would play out, but I kept showing up. Trusting it would continue to make sense, to be helpful, to being comfort, and make sense in the end. 

A few weeks ago, I started to feel this particular season of talks were coming to an end. I didn’t know why but I could feel the shift. Last night, on Saturday night, I again realized I would be speaking on another Holy Day… today is the day of Pentecost. 

In case you aren’t sure what Pentecost is, this is said to be the day when the Holy Spirit descended  upon believers. I believe this is when we realized we had the gift of Holy Spirit, after Jesus showed us the way. So to recap, I started stepping out on Palm Sunday and here we are at the end, on Pentecost. 

Why does this matter? What does this have to do with trust? 

Everything. This started with trust and I know now that is has always been about about trust.

With the current state of the world and the collective heart ache from black lives not being valued and protected, the rage, all the pain… not knowing who to trust is at the core is causing separation. 

Thinking of who you trust may catch you in a place of feeling outraged and also weary. With the fear of an invisible virus and then an outbreak of violence over innocent lives, I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself who can you trust and what you can do. 

There’s an overwhelming feeling of not being sure of what you can do to end the war against ourselves. 

I asked myself, what could I do? I sat in the stillness and asked for God’s words to fill me so I would know what to do, what to say, how to lead… and I heard one word: oneness. 

You see after the past 9 weeks of studying and following Jesus’ extreme example of unshakable peace and clarity from going within to connect with God in the midst of the unimaginable… I learned I could choose again. To team up with the Holy Spirit, no matter what. 

By choosing again, I was able to bring peace to myself and those around me over and over. 

In choosing again, it led me to re-evaluate my beliefs by asking what I believed right now. From there, I found the core of my Truth… which is my belief in Oneness, no matter what. All of us are one with God. No matter who or what you are, everyone is included. 

That is what I trust, my deep inner Knowing of what I believe: Oneness. 

Every time something comes up to challenge my belief in Oneness, I see that as the next opportunity to choose again. To be vigilant for peace. To be the change I so desperately want to see and be. I turn away from the thought of separation. 

No matter what others are doing, saying, or believing, I choose to lean into Oneness over separation in every opportunity. And when I don’t, I choose again. Over and over. 

Going into your heart and weeding out the old lies that you’ve believed about someone else, including yourself. Getting down to the root of how and why you treat others and yourself they way you do… even in the privacy of your own mind. Taking a good look at what you are teaching with your actions. 

When we can be brave enough to walk through our own hearts and clear out the pain of separation, that’s when we can finally heal. That’s when we can change the world around us. 

Today, the day of Pentecost is the day we woke up to the gift that had always been within us. I encourage you to use this gift, to call upon Spirit to remind us of the universal truth that we are all children of God. 

Go inside and take an honest look around. There’s no need you to beat yourself up and judge what’s there. To know thine self, to become vigilante for peace for thine self and for others. 

Trust by choosing again and allowing the gift of Spirit to work in you, as you, and through you to be the way. 

If you don’t think this is enough to end all the suffering, just imagine if everyone stopped right now, took a breath and allowed Spirit to work. What would happen? 

Jesus taught us that we are all doing one of two things: we’re either giving our love or calling out for love. 

Nelson Mandela taught us that we can re-learn how to treat each other because love is our natural state. 

Think of all the love that could naturally start to flow again if we accepted this Truth. 

Let’s take a moment and hold space together for all of us hurting and suffering right now. To send love to all those calling for love, including ourselves. 

Put your hand or fist over your heart and breathe easily… each breathe is an invitation for the Holy Spirit to comfort us in this realization of Oneness.

Breathe in compassion for yourself and then breathe out compassion for others. Breathe in grace for yourself and then breathe out grace for others. Breathe in love for yourself and then breathe out love for others. 

Visualize these intense feelings being rooted in the need for love and protection… take that fierce love and desire for protection and send it out. Covering each of your brothers and sisters and yourself. Envision their hearts, their souls, as light. See your heart and soul as light. Now see the light amplifying and growing brighter. Radiating from you to each other. 

Continue breathing in compassion for yourself and then breathe out compassion for others. Breathe in grace for yourself and then breathe out grace for others. Breathe in love for yourself and then breathe out love for others. As we send out this prayer on the wings love to do it’s perfect work, and so it is and so we allow it to be. Amen. 

Now my time has come to turn within again and tune in to the next step of my work of teaching Oneness to others. I can feel Spirit guiding me to use my love and insights on a greater platform to help the masses. 

As I take time to trust myself to hear the next step and allow it to express through me, I ask that you hold me in your heart. Once I have the clarity, I’ll be back. So until then, I’ll feel you on the inside. 

Peace, love, grace, & blessings to you. 

xo Jules


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