Black Lives Matter

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Yesterday, I decided to participate in “black out Tuesday” in support of black lives for a couple of reasons. One was to show solidarity for my hurting black brothers and sisters. 

Another reason was to make space for their voices to be heard more clearly on social media. When I logged into Instagram this morning and saw the wave of black squares to signify “black out Tuesday” I was overwhelmed in a positive way. The only posts I could see were from black leaders who need to be heard loud and clear. I knew I wanted to stand back and honor them. 

The last and most important reason was to give myself time to reflect on what is happening. Josh and I took time to sit with what we’re feeling, to pray, and to honestly talk about our past experiences. We shared our hearts and goals of how to move forward, toward unity. 

In my experience, if I don’t take time to sit and reflect on what’s in the past, there’s no way to know where I want to be in the future. There’s no way to understand how I feel in the present. 

If you haven’t taken time to think about what it was like growing up or jokes you let slide or ways you could’ve stood up to help someone in need, there’s always right now. What can you do to take the next right step to help and amplify black voices right now? 

A few ideas are:

Supporting black owned businesses in your area. 

Subscribe to and support Black Lives Matter to stay update on current needs. 

Sign the petition for George Floyd on

Donate and using your voice, click here for a resource list of where and how. 

Have hard conversations with your family. Change starts inside our hearts, inside our homes, to then be felt out in the world. Click here for a guide to get started.

Now is the time to do our part, our black brothers and sisters need us. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it comes from your inner guidance. Everyone has an opinion, so following your truth is the only way to feel strong and in alignment with God’s will for you and how to use your voice. 

But one thing is clear, silence is not an option. We are in this together. 

Love you always.


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