5 Reasons I Want You to Text Me.

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So tell me, are you a texter? Most people I communicate with prefer texts over phone calls, but what about email? Is Facebook messenger is your jam? If you could reclaim some of your time from all of these areas by sticking the one you liked the most, would you do it?

Right before the pandemic hit, I started thinking about how we keep in touch with each other. I have an email list, but sometimes it felt like that wasn’t the best way to share. Then after the COVID crisis started shaking things up, my phone was on red alert from all angles. With my screen time way up, I knew I needed a way to share that could reach my people in a more direct and personal way. My solution: a texting service. 

Here’s the recap on the 5 reasons why I want you to text me:

  1. Texting is direct and faster. It’s quick, easy, and I won’t get lost in your spam folder or in the dreaded algorithms of social media. 
  1. It’s more personal. I can send you a sweet photo of us on the farm or send you an affirmation without you having to log in somewhere. And it’s private, so it stays between us. 
  1. I’m not a big fan of email. Emails have always felt like extra work with very little reward, like a reply message. Email = 1 hour of time, little response. Text = 1 minute, lots of fast responses. 
  1. No spam because I own the number. I was on a wait list for 2 months (!!!) to get the chance to text you without spam. Then I was interviewed and had to explain how I planned to use the community number. And all of that was worth it to be able to connect with you.
  1. I’ll tell you Happy Birthday! If you tell me your birth date, I’ll text you Happy Birthday. I love celebrating birthdays, so this extra way to send our blessings and love is so fun for me. And an email wouldn’t have that same warm and fuzzy feeling, am I right? 

So hopefully, now you understand why I’m putting my number out there for us to connect. I want to be able to reach you and send some love so holler-at-ya-girl: 229-206-9280 

Side note, always know that you have the right to do whatever you feel is best for you, your family, and your business. If that means dialing down the screen time by becoming more focused in one area, do it. Want to delete Twitter or whatever else? Do it. Want to turn your phone off during certain times or days? Do it. You have the right to set whatever boundaries help you grow and thrive. And sometimes, it will be unconventional, and that’s more than ok! Remember, you know what you’re doing and I believe in you!

Sending digital love to you always xo


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