3 Ways to Destress Your Day

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I figured with everything going on, you could probably use a little pick me up. And I have 3 awesome things to share with you!

1. Josh and I dropped a new podcast episode today about Future Trippin’. You knowhow we can get caught up worrying about the future in hopes of trying to control it. Sound familiar? You can find this episode here, on our website, or by searching “Jules Loves Me” wherever you listen to podcasts. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review!

2Our next Breathing Room session is this Sunday, 8/30, at 1pm EST. I love hearing how excited folks are getting to be back in our Zoom room and feel the good vibes we experience. Our topic is about dealing with stress and anxiety in positive ways. This session is an important one because it was inspired by feedback from our community on how we can help others most right now. If you’re interested in joining us, follow the link below to learn more about how to get a guest pass! If you're reading this after August, know we archive all our sessions in our membership community on Patreon, which leads me to #3...

3I wrote and recorded a new guided meditation after hearing our community call for it. The track is called Rx for Anxietywhich is my offering to help give us the much-needed relief we’re seeking and craving. Take a 15-minute break with me to rest and recharge all of you. This track is available as a FREE sample in our Patreon community, mentioned above.

Ps. We’re working on a new goal of reaching 100 Founding Members. Our membership includes unlimited access to upcoming Breathing Room Sessions AND all past session recordings + ALL guided meditations. We’re at 10% of our goal and we’re asking for support to continue building a hope-filled movement! If you’re not able to contribute $11/mo, please consider sending our info to someone looking to back a small, purpose-driven business.

My prayer is that one of the 3 things I’ve included are what you’re in need of today. May you feel more peace, grace, and JOY today and always!

Mucho, Mucho AMOR,

p.p.s. Text me your prayer requests anytime: 229-206-9280

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