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It’s always amazing to me what happens when I relax and allow space for things to unfold. Just like that, things shift in an instant, and a solution presents itself. In this case, many solutions have come in the form of my friend, Amanda.

When I thought to myself that a volunteer would be helpful, Amanda randomly sent a text asking if there was a way she could get involved in this movement of Oneness we’re creating.

This happens all the time with us; the same wavelengths, at the same time. Our list of incredible stories together keeps growing along with our friendship. And now, Amanda is a part of our team helping to share positivity in our community by uplifting our Facebook group and in blog posts to come. I asked her these questions as a fun way to get to know her more, so let’s dive into 20 Questions!

1. How did we meet?
Forever ago, you were this beautiful, curly-haired girl that would occasionally come into my parents’ restaurant for lunch when you worked in the floral department at the grocery store next door. You always made an impression on me with your smile and friendly conversation!

2. What’s the song that can always make you feel better?
Oh, music is my thing. I have sooooo many that give me the feels! If I had to pick just one, I’d say “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World, because so many times it reminds me to ground myself in whatever worries I’m currently feeling and remember that “it just takes some time… you’re in the middle of the ride … and everything will be just fine.”

3. Best childhood memory:
Spending the summers at my grandmother’s camp with my brothers and my cousins. Swimming with no fear of alligators, roasting marshmallows and camp pies over the fire at night, and pure, wide-open skies.

4. What’s your favorite thing to do?
Learn. I always want to absorb more and do more and see more. Traveling and reading are my favorite hobbies, but that’s because they both bring me more knowledge every time I engage in them.

5. Biggest fear:
Clowns. Don’t laugh. I’ll face down every fear I have before I watch a movie with a clown in it.

6. Favorite affirmation:
Currently, it’s, “Everything I need is available to me in the moment I need it.”

7. Your happy place:
New York City and any hiking trails in the mountains (when it’s not snowing)

8. Top 3 books:
Only three? OK. White Oleander, Untamed, Bag of Bones. The writing style in every one of them is unique and beautiful.

9. One thing people get wrong about you:
They think I’m too optimistic; therefore, I don’t see things realistically.

10. What do you love most about yourself?
That I love to find the best in everyone and look for the good in the world.

11. Favorite number:
I really can’t say I have one.

12. What does Oneness mean to you?
The connection between spirit, mind, heart, and body. The end of the search for external peace and the knowledge that it’s within me, waiting for me to clear the clutter to find it, and that we are all connected in that oneness.

13. You’re living on an island and you only have 3 albums with you, what are you listening to?
Oh boy. Elton John Greatest Hits, Eagles Greatest Hits 71 – 75, Styx Grand Illusion (Can I cheat and make a playlist?)

14. Favorite meal:
My mom’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs

15. Bath or shower?

16. Best concert of all time:
Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour

17. When you’re stressed, how do you calm down?
I either lay on my back porch and listen to a Headspace guided meditation app, write a song or poem, or I sit in my closet in the darkest dark I can find and pray.

18. Favorite animal:
Cats – lions, tigers, domestic, it doesn’t matter. They’re all graceful, wild, and untamed.

19. Pick one: the mountains or the beach?
The mountains

20. Favorite parent moment?
I’m blessed to actually have a lot running through my mind right now. Probably when my daughter was giving birth to her first baby in the room right next to the one I had her, my first baby, in. A full-circle moment.

Your biggest dream:

To help make the world a better place on a really big scale. To make a lasting, impactful difference.

Anything else you want to add?
Maybe a fun fact?

I went from terrified of standing on a step stool my entire life to hiking the Grand Canyon for three days to celebrate my 40th birthday. I am now unafraid of heights!

Thank you to Amanda for all the fun and insightful answers; I know we’re all looking forward to the love she’ll continue to bring our community. Stay tuned friends: Amanda’s first blog is coming out on Wednesday!

In the meantime, you can learn more about Amanda and read her motivational and inspirational writing on her blog at www.beautifullymadelife.net and follow her on her social media pages from there!

Until then, the light in me loves the light in you. xo


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