Can You Make Some Room?

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Maybe it’s because I grew up on the original Pete’s Dragon. When Helen Reddy called the townspeople out on their crappy attitudes, little 10-year-old me sat up and listened.

As she belted out, “There’s room for everyone in this world/if everyone makes some room,” I felt that shift in my impressionable psyche. I didn’t know what it meant or what to do with it, but I knew it was important and I had to hold on to it.

Those words make so much sense today, but who hears them? Who has even seen that movie among the countless other, “better quality” releases Disney and its brethren have given us? A movie about a drunk old man and a boy who sees an imaginary cartoon dragon? I don’t know if I’d even let my own kids watch it if I hadn’t seen it myself! But … there is so much to learn from the original Pete’s Dragon, starting with those lyrics.

Today’s world is frustrating, to say the least, for many people. There is just too much, and it’s overwhelming our minds, hearts, and souls.

Too much rushing.

Too much hatred.

Too much discrimination.

Too much pollution.

Too much deceit.

Still, we make room for it in our lives. It comes in, whether we want it or not, and elbows its way into our homes and our families. It doesn’t wait for an invitation. It just shows up, and we let it in, and then we attempt to adjust our lives to it because it gives us no choice otherwise.

What if we did that for other things?

What if we made room for people who are different?

What if we made room for kids – and adults – to use their imagination?

What if we made room at our table for things we don’t understand, perspectives that make us think, problems that could be resolved if we were allowed to share our thoughts on them?

Fears that could be less scary if they were faced?

What if we made room to celebrate the success of others and agreed that their success didn’t threaten our own?

There’s room for everyone in this world; there really is. Most of us just want a chance to be heard and seen and loved. It’s not scary to let them, but it’s scary as heck to be vulnerable and put yourself out there.

What if we made room for you to share your talents and skills with the world? How could you make it a better place?

If everyone made some room, can you imagine what the effect would be? It really does start small, the proverbial butterfly wings flapping.

There is a ripple effect you might never see, but that’s okay. If you make room in your life to encourage someone else’s dream or goal, the results might be absolutely Disney-worthy, with a happily ever after on the horizon.


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  1. Ermagerd!! What a great post, we can absolutely make room for each other. In that relationship is peace on Earth realized. Thank you for a wonderful perspective.

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