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siblings: Daveed, Jules, Nancey, Jose circa 2006

In this round of 20 Questions, my big sister, Nancey, is on deck! Obviously, we go way back… she’s been there since the beginning.

She’s hilarious and can make me laugh until I’m crying and can’t breathe. Another fun fact, Nancey has the most incredible singing voice. I’ve always marveled at how effortlessly she expresses herself in song.

When I first started building our JLM Facebook community, in true big sister form, she jumped right in to help me. Her consistent uplifting posts became such a staple in our group. It was pretty easy to see that she needed to be in the leadership role of group moderator.

Since joining forces for good on Facebook, we also teamed up for a special art camp for pre-teens girls. When the Rape Crisis Center reached out to be a part of their Camp Thrive again this year, but this time virtually, I knew Nancey had to join me! We taught a packed Zoom room of beautiful, inspiring girls about self-talk and why compassion for yourself and others matter. We painted rocks, one of Nancey’s other talents, with our favorite affirmations and connected on a soul level. What an experience to share with them … and with my sister.

I’m grateful for the support and love Nancey shares, and I’m excited for you to get to know her more, so let’s get the 20 questions started!

  1. How did we meet?
    Mom gave birth to you lol. We met when you and mom came home. I thought instantly, “Oooohhhh a real living doll!” I grabbed you, pulled off your socks to look at your little toes, inspected every perfect inch of you, held you tightly, and smiled bigly. I finally had a sister.
  2. What’s the song that can always make you feel better?
    Happy by Pharrel and just about anything from Kirk Franklin
  3. Best childhood memory:
    Lela riding bikes with the neighborhood kids. We actually have a pic of that day…she was smiling so big!
  4. What’s your favorite thing to do?
    Read. Read and read some more.
  5. Biggest fear:
    bugs. Abandonment.
  6. Favorite affirmation:
  7. Your happy place:
  8. Top 3 books:
    1-The Lovely Bones 2- The untethered soul 3- the Bible
  9. One thing people get wrong about you:
    That I’m approachable until they approach me.
  10. What do you love most about yourself?
    I love unconditionally.
  11. Favorite number:
  12. What does Oneness mean to you?
    Mind, body, and soul. Kind of like the Holy Trinity.
  13. You’re living on an island and you only have 3 albums with you, what are you listening to?
    Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, and The diva herself, Patti LaBelle.
  14. Favorite meal:
    Steak. That’s a meal.
  15. Bath or shower?
  16. Best concert of all time:
    Diana Ross live at Central Park in NYC! We had to take cover from a crazy lightning storm that came out of nowhere. It was great lol.
  17. When you’re stressed how do you calm down?
    Pray. Mediate. Tap. Breathe.
  18. Favorite animal:
    Owl and elephant. Wisdom and strength.
  19. Pick one: the mountains or the beach?
  20. Favorite parent moment?
    Realizing everything I’ve taught and instilled in my children manifests every day in their actions.

Your biggest dream:
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a nurse. Family members would try to bring up the not so pleasant moments in nursing but that never deterred me. So I went to school and became a CCMA. Worked with some of the best doctors at our clinic and learned so much from them. My dream became reality.

Anything else you want to add?
Maybe a fun fact?

Fun fact: I’m a mother of 6 and a grandmother to 11 beautiful grands. I like to sing and play with them and add little nuggets of family history to my stories. I paint rocks and I’m an advocate for my homeless community. I’m enjoying life… breathing in all the beauty and joy.

Thank you to Nancey for her fun answers, I even learned a few things! To connect more with Nancey, join our private Facebook group and say hi!

I love you, Sis!!


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