Me, Myself & My Integrity

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Hello Friends,

​​We’re talking about integrity today. And if you think integrity is just about being a good person, this episode takes a deep dive into another way of looking at things. In this episode we talk about personal moments and realizations of:

  • Why I wasn’t being my best self
  • How I code shifted in middle school
  • When I met Josh’s mom

My hope is that this episode gives you a new perspective on integrity, wholeness and why we need all of you and your light in this world! Check out more on letting go of self betrayal in this episode: When Self-Betrayal Bites Back

Let’s dive in…

Beyond the story we tell on the Jules Loves Me podcast, we break down the conversation into Spiritual teachings in our membership community at

Our mission is to empower others on their journey and we’re doing this by sharing our own real stories of success, struggle, triumph, and of course miracle moments.

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Sending love and blessings from Hopeful, GA, 

Jules & Josh


About The Author

Hi! I am a husband, Dad, business owner, media production guy and podcaster. Together, my wife Jules and I are the creators of the blog & podcast, a positivity platform created to inspire our world and brighten our awareness. We recently started our membership community,, which teaches an open-ended, spiritual pathway to follow your curiosity to your highest good. I offer my life stories and wisdom to help those who hear Spirit through my voice and experiences. I believe vulnerability is the key to our Truth, and that we are all connected through our thoughts. By speaking the thoughts on my mind, I pray that you see your own Truth.

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