About Jules

My name is Jules and my life is a surrender experiment where I choose faith over fear to follow my intuition. I’m a random-dance-party-havin’ optimist who loves family time in my vintage Airstream the most. After overcoming a terminal diagnosis and then becoming a celebrity makeup artist, my husband, Josh, and I sold everything to rebuild a new life devoted to sharing a message of oneness and hope. Our mission with Jules Loves Me is to encourage resilience and strength by sharing real-life experiences and Spiritual teachings.

We empower others to find their inner knowing and power by removing blocks to make room for miracles and peace. The positive ripple effect reflects in ourselves, at work, at home with our families, and in our community; creating a greater sense of purpose and belonging. Because we’re all in this together and helping each other grow is my favorite way of learning.

All of this takes place at The Hopeful House, which is a 25-acre farm located in Hopeful, Georgia. When my we surrendered to be in the flow with God’s will and purpose, it led us across the country in our Airstream for 2 years. We loved traveling as we stayed open to finding our future base camp. Each step brought us more awareness that we were working with Spirit. In a symphony of divinely orchestrated events, this promised land found us. In January of 2019, our family grew from 3 to 5 with the addition of twins AND the Hopeful House officially became ours!

We used our personal money, donations, and tons of sweat equity to restore the land and large 1940’s farmhouse. The vision is to use the gorgeous land to host future outdoor events including family camping adventures and healing retreats. With more support, we’ll be able to complete the needed restorations and heavy duty clearing and development. For now, our mission of oneness is virtual and when the time is right, we’ll offer in-person gatherings.

To learn more about how COVID-19 severely impacted our lives and how you can join in this mission, head over to the Get Involved page and see how little things can make a big impact!

We’re grateful for our entire community to help us grow our mission and reach to give blessing and teach lessons. Thank you for taking time to read about the work we’re doing, it’s good to have you. Enjoy your time here, and remember… the light in me loves the light in you.

 ps. say hi and let me know what you find that speaks to you, text me: 229-206-9280 xo