Breathing Room

Ask yourself this…

Are you living the life you want to live?

Does it feel like there’s got to be more to life than what you’re currently experiencing? 

Are your heart and mind aligned, working together to bring your truest, most beautiful dream to life? 

If not, what do you need? 

Is it a safe space to just be?

To know you aren’t alone and that we’re in this together?

A place to breathe. A place to rest. A place to unload your heart by knowing you aren’t alone. A place to clear out your mind. A place for miracles to happen. A place to feel peace. A place to learn positive ways to make it through the days. A place to figure out the truth. A place to drop off your burdens. A place to really let it go. A place to be encouraged. A place to find your deep knowing. A place for you and your inner heart. A place for alignment. A place to recharge and feel stronger. A place to catch your breath.

Join us on Sunday, September 27th from 1:00pm-2:30pm

In this Zoom session you’ll:

• Be in the environment you need to feel centered and balanced and recharged.

• Tap into your senses and inner wisdom.

• Support yourself as you grow and become more in tune with yourself. 

• Recreate the same feeling of comfort anywhere and any time you need a breather.

• Build stronger inner trust, resilience and compassion for yourself, your family, and in the world around you.

Join in and connect with and feel the force of a collective group of other like-minded-people looking to develop their personal practice and discover their greater purpose, too. 

Work with guides that remember who you really are, your wholeness, worthiness, and oneness. Reminding you that everything, including the answers you need waits for you, within you. Reminding you to be gentle with yourself as you grow.

These live events include the step-by-step processes of how to navigate the current times paired with real life experiences with both Jules & Josh. After the teachings, the floor will open for Q&A and ah-ha moments from guests and community members.

Read what others are saying about their Breathing Room experiences

“Men, especially dads try to hold our anger in so we’re not “that” dad. So hearing Josh’s story was beneficial for me. Letting me know I’m not alone. Thanks for everything!”

“I really enjoyed it and had a few breakthroughs as I did the work. Thank you — it was very nice!”

If you are feeling led to join, please follow that nudge, you are welcome and already loved! You can join us one of 3 ways:

  1. Reserve your seat for one session for $25 using the form below.
  2. BEST VALUE: Click here to become a patron and your seat will always be included with your monthly $11 membership on Patreon. You’ll gain full access to all guided meditations, my ebook: Easy Guide to Meditation, and exclusive content. You’ll save and also support us for a win-win! Limited seats available at this tier.
  3. Text “Breathing Room”and receive a guest pass: 229-206-9280

See you in the next Breathing Room!