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Ever heard of Miracle Lab? It's home to our membership.

The Miracle Lab is a place for radical self love, a place to experiment with miracles and connect with others on the journey. Click below to visit the Miracle Lab and see how our surrender experiment has developed into an emerging community of people looking to find a better way.

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As event-focused entrepreneurs, our lives like many others, were suddenly and severely impacted by COVID-19. On Friday, March 13th, all of our expected and projected income for the entire year was cancelled. Despite the catastrophic financial disaster, we continue to find relief by leaning into faith and the inner knowing that all is well. We believe everything is always working for our highest good and everything we need will continue to be available to us in the exact moment we need it.

All of this takes place at The Hopeful House, which is a 25-acre farm located in Hopeful, Georgia. When we surrendered to be in the flow with God's will and purpose, it led us through a symphony of divinely orchestrated events, to this promised land.



Our vision is to use the gorgeous land to host future outdoor events including family camping adventures and healing retreats. With more support, we'll be able to complete the needed restorations and heavy duty clearing and development. For now, our mission of oneness is virtual with online workshops and our monthly Miracle Lab Membership, but when the time is right, we'll offer in-person gatherings.

We know this message of hope, unity, and peace is important, now more than ever. We also believe that others want to join in this mission, so here's a few ways you can get involved!

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