You Are The Sky

Written by Julian & Jules De Jesús Fritz

Julian Jules writing You are the sky-8

A children's book?!

Hey there, Jules here! I am grateful you are here, so let’s get to it!


As a holistic wellness coach, I teach kids and grownups practical steps for emotional intelligence, resilience, and growth mindset. I do this by using self-love and creative arts. The program that I’ve created is called Creative Healing. 


In helping my own children to understand that they are not their feelings, the idea for our first children’s book, You Are The Sky, was born. Co-written with my seven-year-old son, Julian, we turned the daily practice of regulating emotions into a sweet story about not holding onto your feelings. 


And we’re doing this Go Fund Me to self-publish our book, You Are The Sky! We want to bring this book to life to share with our friends and family and to donate copies to those in need. Our first goal is to send 100 free copies to schools, libraries, and charitable programs for kids.


Once we hit our publishing goal, we’ll use additional funds to complete the application process to establish a non-profit program for Creative Healing and keep growing our mission. Becoming a non-profit will allow us to expand our vision of community outreach to more children in need, both online and in-person.

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Our GoFundMe fundraiser is LIVE! If you'd like to donate today, please use the button below:


Please know that we are grateful to you for your support and shares!


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