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Nil Demircubuk is an Intuition Teacher and Life Coach who has been practicing intuition with an analytical curiosity for decades and also teaching it to her students. She guides her students to cultivate their intuition with awareness and clarity. Nil studied engineering, obtained a PhD in economics, taught economics, ran the data group in a financial technology firm as a senior director, and led human rights awareness programs in non-profit organizations.

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As a content and creative writer, I find inspiration in the most random and unexpected places. I’m intimately acquainted with the search for finding peace and oneness on my path. However, I’m happiest when I’m able to use my life-lessons learned to help others build and grow their confidence. My passions include music, traveling, reading, writing, and spending time with my incredible family and tribe of friends. Currently, I live in Florida, but you may find me wherever the sun shines on my quest to visit everywhere!
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