[Anniversary Release] Healing Extreme Independence

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Jules Loves Me
Jules Loves Me
[Anniversary Release] Healing Extreme Independence

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In celebration of Josh & I’s 14 yr anniversary of when we first met, we are re-releasing Healing Extreme Independence. If you already listened to this one last year, hit play again or share it with someone you love and would like to connect with. 

In this episode, Josh & I share:

  • What it took for me to unlearn my fears of being hurt in order to learn self love in a real way
  • How my goal of being extremely independent and not needing anyone was actually a trauma response
  • My side of our love-at-first-sight story, which was news to Josh 13 years later, and NOT the Hallmark movie you might expect!

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Beyond the story we tell on the Jules Loves Me podcast, we break down the conversation into Spiritual teachings in our membership community at www.theMiracleLab.org Our mission is to empower others on their journey and we’re doing this by sharing our own real stories of success, struggle, triumph, and of course miracle moments. Please drop a comment or text 229-206-9280 and let us know what landed with you. 


Sending Love & Light from Hopeful ,GA

-Josh & Jules

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