Authentic Spirituality & Beloved Community

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Jules & The Fritz
Authentic Spirituality & Beloved Community

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We’re in conversation with Rev Christy and Angie Snow of Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening about two of my favorite topics: authentic spirituality and the power of a beloved community. 

Let me tell you about Christy and Angie…

Rev. Christy Snow is an ordained minister with more than 20 years of experience sharing keynotes, workshops, and retreats for New Thought centers and schools across the US and in Canada. She is also a professional musician who has self-produced and published 14 CDs in her incredible career! 

Important note– all of the music featured in this episode is by the talented Rev Christy. What a treat!

Angie Celeste Snow has many superpowers but a few are event creator, planner, and promoter. She pursues her purpose to inspire, create, bring joy and make a difference in the world. Angie is the founder of Tybee Equality Fest.

In this episode we are unpacking:

  • Authentic spirituality for one’s Self
  • The importance of beloved community
  • How Christy & Angie are impacting the world!

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Sending Light & Love from Hopeful, GA,

-Josh & Jules

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