Celebrate Because…

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Jules & The Fritz
Celebrate Because...

Do you have a hard time celebrating your victories and wins? Are you the king or queen of the roll on through to the next thing? Well this episode is an entire party waiting to happen in your honor! Josh joins me to bring his interesting and relatable male perspective and we cover:

  • Why acknowledging your victories is actually a big deal for your goals
  • Why celebrating your small wins are key for building integrity
  • What happens when you actually do allow yourself to celebrate 

We also share a few amazing updates, including my first day at Cornell and our next business venture. You definitely don’t want to miss this party, so let’s pop the bubbly and hit play!

Beyond the story we tell on the Jules Loves Me podcast, we break down the conversation into Spiritual teachings in our membership community at www.theMiracleLab.org

Our mission is to empower others on their journey and we’re doing this by sharing our own real stories of success, struggle, triumph, and of course miracle moments.

Please drop a comment or text 229-206-9280 and let us know what landed with you. Use this link to add me as a contact to your phone now: Jules’ contact card

Sending love and blessings from Hopeful, GA

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