Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments: Part 2 – Awareness

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Cultivating Peace Series
Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments: Part 2 - Awareness

Awareness is all about noticing the internal storm happening, but not trying to stop it. Instead, we’re going to insert a pause to slow things down both internally and physically. By quietly witnessing this natural response, we allow it to exist without trying to control it. If you don’t witness it, you’ll blindly react to it. 

Awareness is the core step is recognizing that you’re upset and also honoring that you are choosing to move towards peace and move away from additional suffering. 

Remembering to take a breath and know that I don’t have to have it all figured out gives me the strength to move forward, out of the rabbit hole of my thinking — all by myself… and it’s sooo liberating! 

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