Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments: Part 5 – Alignment

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Cultivating Peace Series
Cultivating Peace Series
Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments: Part 5 - Alignment

Alignment. It’s the sweet spot, where the magic happens, the calm center of the storm. When you flow from becoming aware of what’s happening inside, then remind yourself of the truth, followed by taking positive action — you ignite something in your soul that the mind can’t understand yet. Aligning yourself in this way creates a compound effect of your efforts which gives you a sense of being calm, cool, and collected. 

We all experience challenging people and situations that are outside of our control, but what we can control is how we show up and face the challenges. 

By choosing to calm yourself is caring for yourself. This approach gives you a more integrated way of problem solving. Remember, no one wins when you operate from a reactive state. 

A new level of patience and strength will stream from your expanding heart, little by little. One day you’ll notice that you handled a tough situation with more grace or you were able to stop yourself from spiraling a little bit sooner. This is the gift we give ourselves, the joy that comes from living a more conscious and peaceful life. 

If you ever find yourself drowning in the waves, reach out to a level-headed confidant or counselor who gets you. Support from the right folks can help guide you back to your center when you’ve lost your way. It’s ok to not be ok. It’s ok to reach out for help. Taking turns helping and being helped unites us and gives us an inherent knowing that we are connected. 

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