Guided Meditation: I AM Reborn Every Day

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Happy Easter and Resurrection Day! This day is filled with many examples of unconditional love, but one thing we tend to overlook is the example of being reborn.

In my spiritual journey, I've been doing lots of self forgiveness work. A LOT. And it's hard. But only because I tend to make it hard by not letting go of the old. We beat ourselves up so much, don't we?

When I catch myself in the act of judging something I did years or even days ago, I gently remind myself that who I was at that time did the best she could. No matter what.

Her mistakes brought me to where I am right now. Even if I knew it wasn't the best decision, I also know I was doing the best I could with the wisdom (and patience!) I had AT THAT TIME. Which makes all the difference, because when you know better you do better.

Ask yourself: Do I know better now? Do I do better now?

If you don't like your answers or aren't sure how to yourself and others off the hook, I invite you to take a quick listen to this guided meditative prayer called "I AM Reborn Every Day".  Sit with me for 3 mins and allow me to guide you through the beauty of self-forgiveness.

Every single day, we're given an opportunity to try again with a brand new day. No matter what. If you wake up, you get an automatic do-over. Boom. Use the energy of Easter just like you do on New Year's, to give you the boost to start fresh and not just once a year or on your Birthday.

Every day you are reborn because you are fiercely loved beyond measure or comprehension, just because you are you.

It's that simple!

xo Jules


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