Guided Meditation: I AM Comfortable Outside My Comfort Zone

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Lately I’ve really been stepping out of my comfort zone. Josh and I decided to use our big trip west this summer to do a little surrender experiment, after being inspired by Michael Singer’s book, “The Surrender Experiment.”


We’re throwing ourselves out on faith to have a chance to let go of the illusion of control and feel closer to the greater good we know life has in store for us.


We didn’t make many plans so we could explore and go with the flow, trusting that we’d always have a safe place to park and that we’d be more than ok. But what was life going to hand us?


At almost two weeks in, we’ve experienced many examples of life’s hand taking good care of us, even better than we could’ve planned!


From the sweetest host family in Nashville who opened their land to us - filled with wildflowers, lightning bugs and the tiniest frogs we’ve ever seen -  to an unbelievably primo camping spot in a Denver State Park that is usually booked solid in the summer, we were taken care of. We regularly had baby bunnies and deer outside our front door. Baby bunnies, y’all. You can’t plan that cuteness overload!


I can’t forget about the club section seats to the Colorado Rockies game and getting on the JUMBOTRON with Savannah friends, all a gift from the Universe, from the tickets to the memories. I sit back in awe thinking of all of our incredible experiences with Julian and all of his new friends around the country.


It’s been nice to let go of having all the answers and plans in order. Listening to our inner prompts and looking for the clues. We follow what feels right each day and adjust accordingly.


We also practice putting aside preferences when we feel like the Universe wants us to do something we don’t want to do.


You know the moment, when your internal chatter yells, “oh hells NO!” when something unexpected comes up. This usually means something wonderful outside of my comfort zone is waiting for me to surrender.


For example, we planned on visiting California on this trip as well. We really wanted to go and see family in San Diego and explore a new place. After arriving in Denver from Georgia, I noticed my legs started regressing in their healing from my surgeries earlier this month.


I could hear my body telling me that I needed to reconsider. The 36+ hours of travel and extra expenses were going to be too much. I reluctantly surrendered Cali. But I really, really wanted to go. I felt sad and disappointed. I also trusted that another plan must’ve been at work.


Within hours we received a gift for an 11-day stay in a gorgeous New Mexico State Park with a dear friend! For years we’ve talked about taking this trip together so he could introduce us to the magical land he adores so much. And now it’s happening all because of surrendering.


I know my stories are a bit extreme since I’m doing a pretty big surrender experiment, but I wanted to encourage you to consider letting go a little bit.


Allow yourself to follow the little nudges and prompts you notice. See where they lead you. Something wonderful is always waiting outside of our comfort zones if we’re willing to let go. It might be a new friend or an unexpectedly amazing adventure on a Saturday.


To help both of us, I recorded a new guided meditation to encourage the part of you that wants to feel more free, and to also quiet down the part of you that doesn’t think you can.


There’s no time for noise when there’s so much life out there waiting to bless you. In case you need it, you have permission to let go and live a little more.


I can’t wait to hear your updates and what surrender experiment you decided to try. Just do it!


Sending you big soul hugs and love from Colorado,



Music: Matt Venuti, Rise, "A Song from the Forest"

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  1. Amy Burnett

    Wonderful meditation. Thank you ?❤️
    I just finished The Surrender Experiment as well. Great book! It’s great to see you’re using it. We’re just about to purchase our live aboard boat and set sail as you have done. Thank you for the inspiration to keep following the guidance and dream!

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