Guided Meditation: I AM Present

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Hi friend,

If you are in need of a break, a time out, a moment to catch your breath right now - I've got what you need!

Join me for 7 minutes and you'll be recharged as I walk you through releasing any stress as you become more present. I recorded this meditation mainly for myself, because I kept needing a quick reminder to be here in the now instead of hanging out in the future, which is filled with the anxiety of the unknown.

It's easy to get lost in your day with all the projects and to-do's swirling around in your head. I've had to watch myself lately, making sure I don't beat myself up for not doing more. Even though I'm actually doing a lot, I can trick myself into feeling behind, especially since I'm still recovering from a recent vein surgery.

Everyday that I show up and do my best, that's always enough. Even if my best means I have to lay low and focus on resting for my wellbeing, surgery or not, I am doing enough. I am enough. Sit with me and let me remind you of how much good comes from you and to you when you take a few minutes to center.

If you're not sure about the incredible benefits of meditation or you have no idea how to do it, my Easy Guide to Meditation is perfect for you. Grab it here.

Sending you all my love,



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