How it started & where we’re going

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Jules & The Fritz
How it started & where we're going

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Transitions. Hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous in the end… When I started Jules Loves Me, I wasn’t sure what it was – I only knew that I wanted to share my love with others. In this episode we go back to 2016, when we left Savannah and the makeup world behind to find our true life’s purpose and higher calling. From there, we cover what we’ve been creating and where it’s all heading next.

  • Enjoy the whole story of evolving from Dollface by Jules to Jules Loves Me 
  • Why I stopped doing makeup in order to serve my clients in a bigger way
  • Hear why this is our LAST EPISODE and of what’s coming next

Let our story inspire hope and encourage your leap of faith!

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Sending Light & Love from Hopeful, GA,

-Josh & Jules

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