Guided Meditation: I am Patient with Myself

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After we left the cool weather in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico, the temps reached 109* in Texas with no end in sight. We re-calculated our route based on lowest temps and gave the West a peace sign as we drove away. Never did I think I’d rush back to the South to beat the heat!

I loved our time off the grid. We’ve learned a lot about different families who camp and how they cultivate a deeper personal joy together. We experienced lots of firsts and expanded our hearts.

But I’m not gonna lie … there’ve been challenging times, including a major disappointment with the sale of our house.

We were offered full asking price from a family moving to Savannah from Atlanta. We accepted and were under contract! Two days later, we found out the buyer wasn’t approved to move so far from the home office and the deal was terminated. Just like that.

After two full days of celebrating, planning the next steps, and mentally wiping clean thousands of dollars of debt — POOF! — the deal was gone. Our realtor encouraged and reassured us as we re-listed our house on the market.

We felt the burn of the setback because we’re human and it’s good to be honest with yourself on how you really feel. But hanging out with self-pity for too long makes for bad company, so we reminded ourselves of the truth … that everything happens for a reason.

In our hearts we knew that IF that were the right deal for us — it would’ve happened. Period. At this point in my life, I’ve come to understand that no one can take anything away from me that is truly meant for me. This mantra has set me free from many-a-heartache.

Josh and I hugged, took a deep breath and refocused our attention on what we wanted — beyond selling the house. We took all that disturbing energy from our “loss” and used it to visualize and develop the plan for our dream non-profit. Before we knew it, we felt better and made a lot of progress for our mission.

See what we did there? We made a choice to take our power back by focusing on what we could control and the by-product was feeling better. We know that thoughts + feelings = outcome, so we rallied ourselves by planting seeds of prosperity into the future vs. seeds of doubt and fear.

Trusting the timing of it all is still the hardest part for me. I can get equally excited and impatient with myself … along with this big plan at work. Sometimes I even sound like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs, “When will then be NOW?!” as I anticipate the house selling or making the positive impact I yearn to make.

To help keep me on track planting seeds of gold into my best life to come, I recorded this special meditation. My goal is to be reminded that I’m not behind, progress is better than perfection, and that I can relax because I’m doing enough.

Have you ever found yourself stuck or lost trying to make sense of why things are or aren’t happening? Hopefully now you know that you aren’t alone.

Sending you a giant soul hug,


Sending you light and love,

xo Jules

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