Guided Meditation: I AM Peaceful.

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Hello my friend,

Every month for the past year I have made prayer calls to members of my home church, Unity of Savannah. These calls taught me more about the strength of human-to-human connection and the power of prayer. I would write a prayer out, like a poem to the Divine along with an affirmation, allowing the words to flow through me to the other person.

In honor of my year anniversary of becoming a Prayer Chaplin, I want to share my prayers in the same spirit. The prayer I wrote for this month was to help remind me of my inner well of peace that is always available to me - even in extremely difficult times.

I recently experienced a major loss of my favorite lighthouse, Titi Jenny, who I'll introduce you to soon. I'm also experiencing anticipatory grief for a dear friend, who was also my introduction to Unity. Both earth angels who have bigger jobs to do now that can't be limited by their physical bodies.

It is from this place that I offer a prayer to help in times of sadness, anxiety, or pain.

If you are going through a challenging time or have experienced loss too, know you aren't alone. Allow yourself to slow down to take it one step at a time, moment to moment. Surrender and let go of what you think you need to do and take a moment to breathe.

Join me in this 6 minute guided, meditative prayer as we bless and release those with us and those who have gone before us to do the perfect work we have all been called to do. We are all connected, no matter the distance or realm. Our souls are everlasting lights that can never go out, allow this Truth to bring you comfort and peace.

I send you my love in the form of a soul hug direct to your heart. Can you feel me now? Good. Because I love you!

xo, Jules


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